Saturday, 14 May 2016

How To Improve Holiday Season Conversion Rate?

Every business needs high conversion rate for success and when it comes to open market where a lot of competitors are struggling in same niche while targeting same customers, so it needless to say that competitor advantage is something which every business wants to get over others. With the help of creative and unique business promotional ideas you can easily improve the conversion rate for your business. Most of the companies prefer to provide discount on the product or services, but if you will offer holiday vouchers along with your product so it will enhance your brand value in open market, however; you can also choose other gift ideas such as; free sample products, cash prizes, reward points and others vouchers.

According to marketing experts, if you will share 10 percent of your profit along with your customers, so it will help you to gain more positive image in market and on the same time you will get the loyal base of customers, who will come again and again to do more business with your company. Apart from   holiday vouchers you can also use other things in your reward program such as; loyalty points and reward points, but it take time in promotion and due to that marketing experts consider it slow promotion techniques. However; we will suggest you to analyze the customers’ behavior and purchase pattern before using holiday vouchers in your loyalty or reward programs.

To promote your loyalty or reward programs, you can use multiple channels for promotion such as; local Tv channels, radio announcement and online ads on social media. There are few business organizations which have seen skyrocket conversion rate after using holiday vouchers in their reward programs. If you want to get more profit, so its your time to try something new.

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